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I’d like to thank…

May 31, 2012

I walked a year ago, but it took another year for this little piece of parchment to show up.

It occurred to me recently (after receiving my parchment in the mail a year after commencement) that while I’ve finished my thesis and received my Master’s degree, I never publicly acknowledged everyone who was such a huge help in getting me from point A to point Z. It was a long journey and there are a few of people to thank.

My thesis featured a dedication page, but since the likelihood of anyone actually laying eyes on it are nil, I figured I’d reprint it here on the blog – a slightly more public venue than Rowan University’s Keith & Shirley Campbell Library database.

I won’t bore you with the whole thesis, so onto the thanks:

I dedicate this body of work to…

My wife, Jennifer, who figured out how to pay for this fool’s errand of a degree with little financial support and no guarantee of a big payoff at the end.

Pat Serey, Patricia McKernanGina Williams and Volunteers of America Delaware Valley who fully (and financially) supported my initial decision to achieve this degree.

Jim Austin and Pepper Hamilton, LLC, who supported my decision to achieve this degree.

Francesca Regan, Angela Anderson, and Martha Kostack, my co-workers, who made sure I had the time and focus to complete a very laborious final semester and thesis process.

My sister-in-law Janet, who taught me more about research tools in 90 minutes than an entire course dedicated to the same topic.

Dr. Joseph Basso, my thesis advisor, and professors Ed Moore and Larry Litwin who kept me inspired during my entire Master’s degree run.

My parents, John and JoAnn Walsh, who laid a solid education foundation for me that I hope to pass on to others.

And finally, my son, Jack, who helps me understand where my priorities lay.

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