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Looking for a home in South Jersey? With a man cave? How about you buy my grandparents’ place in Pitman

October 11, 2011

I’m not kidding.

The place is perfect for a couple just starting out, those who choose to be kidless, or for the pair that’s finally booted the last kid out of the house.

That’s not to say you couldn’t raise a family there, as many have, however, it’s a two bedroom (though the realtor claims three) rancher and I’m not sure there are many families who want to live in such close quarters.

It has a few things I love. Two-car garage, manicured front and back yards, and an honest-to-goodness huge man cave with a separate entrance and a bar that seats 6. It’s fantastic. My cousin and I have spent many an hour down there from our early teens till… last week. It was our refuge from the prying eyes of parents.

The neighborhood is great. Quiet, filled with very peaceful neighbors who all like to keep there homes looking nice. The community has a range of ages, young people starting out, mid-career folks and retirees. It’s close to all the Glassboro retail and Pitman boutique shopping, but far enough away that you don’t get any of the traffic, noise or hassles. And if you’re a foodie, some of the best eats in the area can now be found in little Pitman. It’s very close to the South Jersey commuter hub of Route 55 as well as Rowan University.

Did I mention the man cave fireplace?

My grandfather has kept the place in great shape. Lots of new appliances and standard upkeep. The living room fireplace is now gas, so no soot in the house.

Did I mention there’s shuffle board laid out in the tile of the man cave?

The back yard is very idyllic and fairly low maintenance. Not a lot of mowing or trimming, but plenty of areas for flowers. A very nice place just to hang out during all four seasons.

Did I mention there’s a circular staircase into the man cave?

If you’re worried about size, don’t be. On any given holiday there were 12 of us in that house that eventually expanded to 22 once us kids starting getting married and having children. It never felt tight, not when we all opened presents in the living room, not when we would literally toss rolls from one end of the thanksgiving day table to the other, and not when there were jokes and tall tales to be told.

Did I mention the man cave is more than half the length of the house and has built-in cabinets and sofas along the walls?

I really love this house. I know the next owner will too.

If you’re interested in a great house in a great neighborhood check out the page.

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  1. October 11, 2011 5:17 PM

    Where is Grandmom going? Or does she come with the house? For a while we thought our last house sale ad might read: “4 br/2.5 ba, has adult boarder, pays rent.” Thank you for helping eliminate that tag line.

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