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Apple and the iPhone 4S crushes all competitors… again

October 4, 2011

Apple iPhone 4S and CEO Tim Cook

I love my Droid X, I love the Android platform, but I can’t deny that Apple just makes outstanding technology.

The iPhone 4S updates announced today leapfrog the device over every other smartphone on the market. The camera improvements alone makes it a generation better than any current Android device. Faster processing, faster data management, dual antennae (assuming they aren’t affected by the death grip) make for significant upgrades over the year-old iPhone 4. I’m interested to see how the Siri voice personal assistant application works, but as far as I’m concerned that’s just a footnote in today’s presentation.

At the moment Android has two great things in its favor and two massive things working against it (as compared to iPhone), for the common user:

1) Google Maps with Navigation Beta – just a stellar (and FREE) GPS app that’s currently only offered on Android phones
2) It has the freedom of being open source, which tends to foster innovation

1) Handset maker UI‘s fouling the Android OS; one word: MotoBlur – yech…
2) Second class handsets, they just don’t match up to the build quality and consumer return on investment of the iPhone

The pure Android experience of the Nexus S is a great competitor of the Apple iOS, however it’s rendered moot by being placed only on an average handset. Put Gingerbread/Honeycomb/Ice Cream Sandwich Android operating systems into a machine that can rival the iPhone 4 and you have a real battle of titans. I’m hopeful that Google’s recent acquisition of Motorola will help to bring pure Android devices to market that can seamlessly harness the power of the Google experience. Until then Google has an army of David knock-offs battling Apple’s pristine Goliath.

Check out the video below, it’s worth the 5 minutes. (Seriously, the camera features just have me in shock. My Canon DSLR cameras are built with the same attention to detail to both sensor and lens quality and they’ve cost me several times the price of an iPhone.)

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