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The Tea Party, a Master’s degree thesis survey

June 14, 2011

As many of my loyal readers may have noticed, I’ve been posting on this website much less often. The reason? I’ve been working on a thesis for my Master’s degree in public relations.

My thesis is an analysis of how the Tea Party communicates and how effective that communication is to both Tea Party members and the general public. The thesis title is “Communicating a Centralized Message within a Decentralized Political Movement: The Tea Party.”

As I hit the home stretch, I’ve now reached the point where I need your help. Please go to the following link: and complete the Tea Party survey. It is multiple choice and will only take about 5 minutes to finish.

I would also appreciate if you could forward this link to anyone you think might be willing to answer the survey. The more responses I get the better my results will be.

The only goal of both the survey and the thesis in general is to determine in what manner and how effective the Tea Party communicates its message. The thesis will not critique the messages themselves.

Thank you very much.


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  1. Jennifer permalink
    June 14, 2011 9:53 AM

    Your e-mail went to my spam box – I found it and completed it.:)


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