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Who’d like to read a few month old thoughts?

April 11, 2011
Stress Reduction Kit

Image by programwitch via Flickr

Well, I took a month-long hiatus from the blog to finish up a pretty intense run of activity at work and school. The upside: both projects went off without a hitch (thanks to the incredible people I work with, more about that later). The downside: I honestly had no opportunity to write. And there were a ton of items I would like to have written about.

1) The return of Major League Baseball and my beloved Philadelphia Phillies – now featuring the greatest starting rotation since those old-time players from “Field of Dreams.” Of course, that greatness is just on paper. However, after one week in the Phils are in first place, so that’s nice.

2) The Brits and U.S. start bombing Libya, NATO takes over military operations without much of a plan in place, Moammar Gadhafi wishes President Obama luck in the 2012 election campaign and it seems Al Queda may be supporting the rebels that NATO is supporting. Yeah, this looks promising.

3) The Fukushima nuclear power plants are going to explode! No, they’re not! Wait, yes they are! No, the radiation levels are a little high. Oh, no, they’re the highest in recorded history! Ooops, bad sensor reading! I have to think this problems at the plant would be a lot less scary if most of the media went away.

By the way, if you’re still scared of nuclear power, remember this – it took the fourth largest Earthquake in recorded history that moved the island of Japan 8 feet closer to the U.S., which also knocked the Earth slightly off its axis and a 46′ wall of ocean tsunami to create a yet undefined nuclear disaster. I guess we can stop worrying about an explosive packed Cessna flying into one of these things with some Al Queda members aboard.

Oh, one more things, those guys who fought to keep the plant from a full nuclear meltdown are real heroes.

Wait, one more thing, you west coasters who were taking the iodide pills for fear of Japanese radiation making it to California, Oregon or Washington: idiots.

4) I did not eat pie on National Pi Day. I’m kind of annoyed with myself about that.

5) The dean of Philadelphia broadcast media, Jim Gardner, has begun tweeting. This is remarkable for two reasons. One, he is a beloved icon in the metro area and an extremely well-respected newsman. Two, I wonder if one of the reasons he is so beloved is because no one knew about his opinions. Well, Twitter has fixed that. Gardner is extremely opinionated and has no problem expressing them in tweet form. It’s been absolutely fascinating to read. I feel like curtain has been pulled from behind the guy I’ve watch on TV for the last 30 years and now I’m reading from the wizard’s desk on a daily basis. I think I’m going to expand on this someday in a later post.

Quick Jim Gardner tangent – he was my grandfather’s intern. Before hitting his stride as a WINS radio reporter in New York City from the 1960’s to 1990’s, my grandfather, Paul Parker, worked the news stations in Philadelphia. He always had nothing but great things to say about Gardner and my grandfather was always pleased that Gardner did so well in the Philly market.

6) My March Madness didn’t just implode, it suffered the Fukushima meltdown everyone expected but never came. Shockingly, I won one bracket and came in 6th in another, even though I had no one in the title game, which is an indication of how upset laden this year’s tournament was. I didn’t like it.

7) Wonder Woman is getting the reboot for TV. On the one hand, I hate this idea. Aren’t there any new ideas out there Hollywood? Anywhere? On the other hand, I really like how the new Wonder Woman costume looks.

8 ) I hurt my back. One day it just started hurting for no reason. There was no specific incident I could point to, it just starting hurting. I was so immobilized by pain that I had to drop out of a work trip to Seattle and begin seeing a chiropractor. I’m still having residual pain, though far less painful than the first few days and no loss of mobility. However, all-in-all I’m beginning to question the value of chiropractors. And I’m a guy who likes the idea of alternative medicine.

9) I highly recommend watching “Foo Fighters: Back and Forth.” Just a great rock doc. Palladia has been showing it, so I recorded it on my DVR and then made the mistake of turning it on for a minute around 11 PM one night. Couldn’t hit the pause button, it was too good. Stayed up till 2 AM. If you want to know the story of how Dave Grohl transitioned a cutting edge band like Nirvana (which I hated) to the greatest rock band currently playing (which I love) I highly recommend this movie.

10) I don’t think anyone really likes April Fools’ Day.

Okay, that’s about it for this blog post. I’m winded. Really out of practice. I promise, more regular blog posting in the near future. You can take that as a threat if you want.

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